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How to – Pay with bitcoin

Purchasing, sending, and transacting with cryptocurrency is a straightforward process. To get started, simply deposit your preferred amount of euros and use a broker to exchange it for your chosen crypto (such as bitcoin). Once you have a positive crypto balance in your account, you can proceed to make payments on our webshop.

Sign in / Create your account

Connectez-vous ou créez un compte sur BTCDirect.eu.
N'oubliez pas qu'avant de pouvoir réellement dépenser votre crypto achetée, il est important que votre compte soit entièrement vérifié

The accounts you make on any of these third party platforms are not linked to us. Therefore we don’t have access to any of their data. If you are familiar with any similar platforms, feel free to use the platform you trust.

Téléchargez et liez votre propre portefeuille

Now that your account has been verified with BTCDirect you will also need to download your own wallet. We recommend that you install BlueWallet so that you can link your BTCDirect account and can buy crypto easily and store it in your own wallet. Click here for a clear explanation.


That's it! Now start placing your order on our webshop!

More questions? Then visit our FAQ